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wearing this tartan dress from Simply Be. 

ØOTD clothes I picked up from a clothing swap.
Old navy Rockstar Jeans
Woman within Top

ØOTD clothes I picked up from a clothing swap.

Old navy Rockstar Jeans

Woman within Top

Back to School 2014


8,000 Follower Giveaway ~ Part 3!

2nd Prize ~ Sunflower Sunset Skirt
4x by Hell Bunny from Modcloth
Size/fit/etc: This runs small in the waist and has no stretch.  Will fit up to 44” in the waist and the hips are free.

- You don’t have to be following me, but I’d love it if you did.
- Reblogs/likes count as entries.  Before I would say you could reblog as much as you’d like, but I’ve found that that typically doesn’t up your entry number, it just changes where your entry will be (if that makes sense).
- Giveaway blogs don’t count.
- You must have your ask box open so I can contact you and you also need to be comfortable with providing me an address to ship your prize to.
- I’ll ship outside of the US, but it may take me a bit longer to do so if I’m strapped for cash.  
- Giveaway will end on August 4th at 12am EST where I’ll be using a random number generator to pick a winner.  I’ll contact said winner and if they do not respond within 24 hours, I’ll pick another random winner.

Thank you so very much to everyone who’s supported my blog and made this experience so very wonderful!  Good luck! (:

This month the theme is “Barer looks for summer”. Ive been debating with myself if I was going to do the post or not. I’m still struggling with my self image, this outfit is really out of my comfort zone and not even close too it. My legs are too thick, my arms are too fat etc etc. I used to hide behind jeans and that slowly turned into wearing leggings.. But there has to be a point in my life that I am going to think. Hey! I am worthy, I can wear that. Right now with this months post I am giving a big screw you to all the people that once told me I couldn’t wear this. If I want to wear it I CAN wear it!


can I just live in the water please?

Fatkini ~ Swimsuitsforall (top - 20, bottoms - 24)

Im in love with this mermaid.

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OOTD in collaboration with Ahead of the Curve.

This months theme was Plus size thrifting and I managed to stay around $10!

Blazer - brand unknown from the Goodwill $3
Peplum top - Merona Target $5.38 from the clearance rack
Pants - Faded Glory Walmart $2 from the clearance rack
Shoes - Seychelles from a yardsale $2

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Much love <3

c17p21-deactivated20140918 said: What changed between a year ago and now in terms of your outlook on body positivity?

Learning that I am worthy. I am who I am. I have always been fat. The world can’t change that, so they have to accept it. I also learned that I don’t have to hide in hideous clothes. There are days that I am disgusted with myself, that I want to be normal. But being normal is not being me. People love me for who I am and true friends don’t critic your size. Right now im still self conscious about a few things but I have overcome a lot! 

c17p21-deactivated20140918 said: I understand that, I am a guy that is trying to love myself better. I am 5'9" and around 300 lbs. So what is your favorite thing about yourself and what do you like to do in your spare time?

I am 6’0, Im a firm believer that we don’t have to put a number on how much we weigh. It is all about how you feel. I exercise and I love to dance in my spare time. I go to the gym and do Zumba and yoga. I love these things because they keep me flexible and plus I have a good time. In the summertime I love swimming. Besides all of  that you can find me shopping, behind my computer or watching tv LOL! 

c17p21-deactivated20140918 said: How did you become so confident?

Up until a year ago i wasn’t confident at all. I would hide in dark clothes and never show any skin. The last year has been a journey. I am getting more and more comfortable with myself and I want to show the world that I am beautiful. <3